Baguio Country Club

Baguio Country Club Golf Course

If you are looking forward to a memorable and relaxing vacation during your visit to Baguio City, then the Baguio Country Club is the most ideal place to stay. With a rich history anchored in the hospitality industry, it was able to earn its reputation as one of the most prestigious membership clubs in the country and is also hailed as a cradle of historical events.

The Baguio Country Club started as a one room cottage with only a staff of one more than a century ago. Now it is a highly acclaimed venue for social and business gatherings and never ceases to create cherished memories to people who visit the place. No wonder it was recognized by the National Historical Institute as it celebrated its remarkable 100 years of existence last 2005.

The club is also known as a recreational haven for families who decide to get away from too much energy and excitement of city living. It now proves to be the ideal place for you to renew and relax your mind, body and soul. Not only it is the ideal place for playing golf but also provides an array of other recreational activities such as swimming, bowling and billiards. The Baguio Country Club also houses a wellness and fitness center and a sauna. The guests could now fully enjoy different massage and spa services at their convenience as well as engage in yoga and gym classes being offered in the club.

The Baguio Country Club which used to consist of about 161 members, with only 6 Filipinos, now boasts of around 3,000 members of which 98% are citizens of the country. The club is also proud of its members who are mostly coming from the high-end of the society. In fact, the place is considered as the place to be for various conventions of top officials of the country as well as for aristocrat family vacations and get-together. When you choose to become a member of this exclusive club, you get to enjoy the different benefits that it offers to its members including the use of room accommodation and function rooms as well as the free use of the golf course and other recreational facilities there. Moreover, you could also carry those club privileges with you when you visit reciprocal clubs in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and United States.

With its perfect ambience that adds up to the high-quality services and facilities it has, the Baguio Country Club is truly the best choice if you are looking for the ultimate place to create lasting memories and establish strong bonds with family, friends, and business associates. It is the ultimate rendezvous that could definitely give you more than what you hoped for.